How You Can Help

The Tea Alchemists are a collective interested in sharing our passion for tea as an expression of our deepening respect for the environment and our communities. We are committed to giving everyone in the world access to resources for the renewal of the planet through our unique celebrations that emphasize clarity, joy and a sense of wonder.

We are certain that the key to bringing people together and sharing the bounty and wonder of our planet depends on celebration and delight. So our tea ceremony is as much a tea party as a ceremony. And as alchemists, we honor all the indigenous traditions around the world that have, throughout time, turned people's attention towards harmony and transformation of their environment.

The tea ceremony events themselves are set up as benefit performances to raise money for projects that synthesize these various disciplines into tangible ways of healing the world. Our first project is to create an Environmental Health and Learning Center for the Tibetan Buddhist master, Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche.

For the last 20 years, Bhakha Rinpoche has transmitted essential spiritual ecological practices of Buddhism aimed at heightening our attention to the results of our actions and creating bounty and balance in our environment. The retreat center will be a workshop and residential retreat center where others can come to learn and practice these now rare practices that must be preserved for the posterity of our planet.

The Buddhist Center for Environmental Health and Awareness will be built on retreat land located near the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico, and will cost approximately $550,000 to build. The project includes retreat huts, a central building, kitchen, bathrooms,as well as other structures to be used as teaching tools to pass on these spiritual ecological techniques. The buildings themselves will be natural adobe brick, and will combine indigenous materials and permaculture architectural methodologies.

The Tea Alchemy Project is also seeking funding in order to continue to bring this ceremony around the world. Our vision is to establish a foundation that will support this artform and other art pieces that reflect our unique ecological perspective. We are now seeking $100,000 to make this dream a reality.

Your contribution would make it possible for us to bring our unique synthesis of mindfulness practices and activities for a sustainable planet to fruit. We know that communities are a collection of diverse talents; that the collective is more powerful than the individual. In honor of this prinicple, we encourage the unique and diverse talents that other interested and passionate people bring to our projects.

Donations are tax-deductible; checks should be made out to Vairotsana Foundation. If you have any interest in contributing to either of these projects, please feel free to contact me at the number or email address on the contact page.


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