Vairotsana Foundation, Bhakha Rinpoche's Organization

The Tea Temple Website The Alchemical Tea Temple Project, The website of Katak Dancer Yamuna Wali

Articles about the Ceremony article by Marilyn Tam

Tea Houses/Tea Stores
Far Leaves, Berkeley and Emeryville, CA (try their Dong Ding, 2 kinds of Lishan High Mountain)
Imperial Tea Court, San Francisco, CA (try their Wenshan Baojong, their Dong Ding)
Mountain View Tea Village, Mountain View, CA (try their Drunken Princess, Their High Peak Wild Oolong (Alishan))
Samovar, San Francisco, CA (try their Monkey Picked Iron Goddess)
Teance, Albany, CA (try their Charcoal-Fired Oolong, their Phoenix Single Grove, their Wenshan Baoshong)
Ten Ren, San Francisco, CA (try their Charcoal Fired Tung Ting, their Spring Tea)
Whole Foods, CA (Look for David Hoffman's Silk Road Tea: Phoenix Bird Wudan Danchong Oolong)
The Real Food Company, Fairfax, CA (Wudan Danchong Oolong is also sold here)

Alchemical Traditions
The Alchemy Website
An History of Alchemy

Tea Afficionados
Various Articles by David Hoffman
Ming Cha's Guide to Phoenix Oolong Production
Seven Cups Teas Guide to Tea Culture

Natural Building/Community Building
Kleiwerks, international
Skillful Means, Junction City, CA
The City Repair Project, Portland, OR
The Mind Body Awareness Project, Bay Area, CA

Moon Calendars
Moon Dock for Macs
Dr. Regener's Sun-Moon Calendar for PCs

Silk Road
The Silk Road Foundation
Silk Road Encounters
"Monks and Merchants" (Art of the Silk Road Exhibition)


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