Tea Alchemy?

Alchemy is the science of our true nature; the expression of awareness as a harmonious relationship with our environment. Alchemical traditions have existed in many cultures throughout human history, for humans have always been challenged to understand what it means to live in harmony in the world. All alchemists have aspired to understand the fundamental principles that link their inner and outer experiences. These principles, these symbolic motifs are the fundamental elements of our experience, and according to this tradition, they are described as the dance of space, air, water, fire and earth.

Tea alchemy is the preparation of tea with harmony in mind. It is not something recently created, but has existed in many unique and personal forms ever since the Silk Road brought the tea trade together with Buddhism and the cultures that connected the Mediterranean with Southern and Eastern Asia. Tea alchemy reveals the weaving of the elements and our enjoyment of this tea reveals the great treasure of their gifts, our rightful inheritance. When we bring mindfulness to our everyday life, we find gifts and beauty everywhere. When we share mindfulness with others, we draw strength from each other and find the true meaning of community. Tea alchemy starts with inert objects that transform into the splendor of life's bounty. As we reconnect and harmonize with the source of all strength and joy, we find our cup brimming with liquid gold: the "elixir of immortality."

Preparing tea involves ritual washing, mindful care during preparation and a dedication to serving others. The container, if prepared correctly, holds the guests in a circle of community and delight. The container, if prepared correctly, is not rigid or brittle, but leaves room for spontaneity and wonder.

This kind of teahouse is as rare as stars in the daytime.


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